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2 Person Hot Tub Dream Star

The QCA Spas Dream Star is a 2 person, plug and play hot tub that plugs into a standard 120 volt power outlet.  The spa is not a cheap blow up spa but made of the same high quality Lucite ABS-backed acrylic that the larger, much more expensive spas are built with.  The electronics are also made by the leading spa electronics manufacturer, Balboa Instruments (now Balboa Water Group).

One or two people can enjoy an instant hot water massage experience by simply pressing the jets button as the 9 spa jets come to life, relaxing and soothing tired and sore muscles.  Unlike a bathtub, the Dream Star hot tub is always ready when you are. The water is kept sanitary by the filtration system and added sanitizer.  It is suggested to change the water every three months or so depending on use.  A filter is also included that can be cleaned to keep spa water fresh.

An optional factory installed ozone generator can help reduce the amount of added sanitizer needed, as it too can rid the water of bacteria and contaminants.  Enjoy your spa worry-free and rejuvinate mind, body and spirit.

For tight spaces, a small hot tub may just be the answer. It also heats less water, so energy costs can be lower than larger spas.  As far as a portable hot tub goes, the relatively compact size makes this unit easy to setup and get running indoors or outdoors.  For a larger spa, check, out the 3 person Riviera corner spa.

Hot tub prices do not have to be sky high.  Buy a simple 2 person hot tub like the Dream Star at a great price including delivery and cover. Visit for details.

Note that the unit usually comes with a flex cover which is about the same as a hard cover minus the foam inserts that make the hard cover rigid. If you are installing the spa outdoors, then it is recommended to get the free upgrade to the hard cover offered at Hot Tub Outpost to protect the spa against rain, hail, snow and other forces of nature.  The included tie downs can protect the spa cover from blowing off in strong winds and also protects against intruders as it is lockable.

A cartridge filter is included with the spa for easy water maintenance.  The cabinet is no longer made of wood that would require re-staining every year. It seems hot tub owners do not want to spend time maintaining the spa cabinet but enjoying the spa, so the new Weatherguard maintenance free PVC cabinet is just the answer. It will also not fade in the sun and will last a very long time.

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