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Hot Tub Chemicals – Chlorine, Bromine and Test Strips

Hot tub sanitizer is necessary to keep bacteria from taking over your spa water.  The two main sanitizers used in hot tubs today are chlorine or bromine.  You can use either one, but never mix them.

Although chlorine works great in swimming pools, in the hotter environment of spa water it offgasses faster than bromine. This means you may need to replace the chlorine more often than bromine.  Chlorine is also usually added as a powder or granules whereas bromine is usually dispensed by pucks that can be inserted in bromine floaters or chemical dispensers.

leisure time chlorineFree bromine or chlorine can be measured by a water test kit or easy to use test strips.   The recommended levels are on the bottle and also provided by spa manufacturers.

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Test strips for hot tubs allow the measurement of chlorine, bromine and also pH levels and alkalinity.  Sanitizer is added as needed so the proper amount of chlorine or bromine is in the water.

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