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Hot Tub News

Buying a hot tub from an outfit that does not actually manufacture the spa puts the buyer one step removed from the source.  In one case we found online, a couple thought they were doing the right thing buy buying from a store called Direct to Home Appliances in San Francisco instead of shopping on the internet.  Buying a spa from an outlet does not guarantee superior service and indeed this time, they had to wait months and months for a resolution after forking over four thousand dollars up front last year.

Luckily they heard about 7 on your side, a show that advocates for consumers and has been around for many years. See the story here     .

“Direct To Home said the couple would have to wait until February to get their
spa, but then there was a delay until March, then April. Then summer came, but
the spa did not.

“I’m getting a little disturbed by now because the excuses had been the
same,” said Wendy. ”

It turns out that this person running this hot tub enterprise also has other businesses operating under different names but all pointing to an “F” rating with the BBB.
When shopping for a hot tub online, always check the BBB rating to make sure it is satisfactory.  Certainly an F should have warning signs on dealing with any company whether or not they are on the internet or a retail store.