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Be Safe this 4th of July Fireworks Safety Tips

How not to light fireworksAs the 4th of July approaches, it is once again time to think about fireworks safety.

Although fireworks stands sprout up in many neighborhoods, some cities and towns do not allow fireworks so be sure to check local regulations, lest a $100 fine or other penalty be imposed.  Hopefully those fireworks stands will be able to direct customers to safe places to shoot off the 4th of July fireworks celebration.

Or you can always go to Epcot in Disney World, Orlando – home of the greatest fireworks display on Earth.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission had a live display of various fireworks scenarios gone wrong.  The “dummy” in this video gets his head blown off by staring down the barrel of a lit firework.  Don’t do this.

There have also been other scenarios showing the various dangers of fireworks.

Fireworks can not only harm people but also cause fires, which is one of the reasons local communities may ban them in certain areas.  Any community that has dry brush or a lot of vegetation is not likely to allow fireworks as mandated by the local fire department or city council.


This is what happens unintentionally when tall fireworks fall over before they go off.  Then these turn into cannons that shoot local houses, people or can cause a fire in nearby brush.    Tipping may also happen such as an ashtray with smoldering ashes that tips and lights a fuse.  This type of scenario caused the death of another individual depicted in the video above.

Don’t remove powder from