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Discount Above Ground Pools Can Have Your Family Swimming Soon

Get your family swimming soon at a much lower cost than an in-ground pool.  A quality above ground pool will install over a weekend and saves thousands of dollars by knowing where to shop.  Buy factory direct discount above ground pools online. Email us for details if you live in the United States.

Install above ground pool step 1 Follow the manufacturer’s directions and with help, it will be done in a weekend.  A local pool installer can help do it right in case you don’t have any deck hands to recruit for this. A skilled pool assembler can have the work done professionally and by using the right tools and machinery.

Levelling the ground where the pool will go is one of the hardest and most time consuming tasks.  Getting the ground level is essential to assure a level water line in the pool.

A wheelbarrow and shovels will do the trick, but bigger machinery makes the job easier.  In any case, the bottom needs to be level and free of stones and debris before the next steps can be implemented.


Assemble the pool track on an even surfaceAssembling the track around the perimeter will give you a good idea how big the final above ground pool will really be.

Rolling the sidewall onto the track requires a few sturdy hands, so a helper is essential at this stage. 3 people make this alot easier as the third person assures the pool wall does not hop out of the track as it is being unrolled.

Roll the Side of the pool wall  Rolling the sidewall is also the first time you actually get to see how high the pool will be. Now it is taking shape, but it is not done yet.  The inside needs to be levelled, coping added (using sand or and/coping material) and the liner will be added along with cutting out the skimmer and intake/drain.

Be careful when unrolling the metal sidewall to avoid any injury.  The more hands, the better when it comes to setting up an above ground pool.

Some people even set up above ground pools for a season and then take them down again over the winter and store them in the garage, although a permanent installation is better as you only want to do the job once!

Again, level the inside of the pool area for a completely even pool.

Level the Pool and add copingFollow the manufacturer’s directions and call their support line if you have any questions.  Buying an above ground pool online is easy and allows you to contact the knowledgable pool builders on staff to answer every question you may encounter when assembling a quality above ground pool. Contact us for further details.

As the liner goes in, things really start to take shape.  Get out creases and make sure it is installed evenly all the way around.

Install pool liner in an above ground pool.


It is almost time to go swimming!


But equipment still needs to be installed like the sand filter, pump and skimmer.

Adding glue to the pipe is easy with the built-in dabber that professional pool glue comes with.  The trick is to rotate around the glue joint several time for heat to build up and that will create a better glue joint when the parts are pushed together.  After adding a slight twist, hold it for a few seconds without moving so it sets.

Glue a pipe joint for a swimming pool pumpApplying the glue correctly will assure years of problem free operation.   At least if there is a leak in the plumbing part of the pool, it can easily be identified and repaired by cutting and regluing the joint.

Black or blue pool glue works great. Make sure it is the quick-drying type.


Now it is swimming time!

Hop in and enjoy the summer in your outdoor pool.Spa Sauna Direct Trevi Above Ground Pool