Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Hot Tub Bars

Hot Tub Bars can rival the latest and greatest hotel pool bar.  Line up beverages and enjoy a hot tub bar as an extension of the spa or patio.

There are plastic bars available in matching colors that are weather resistant and provide bar stools for seating.  Usually three or four stools and a counter come in these hot tub bar kits.  They are easy to assemble and fit right next to one side of the spa on a deck or patio.  Plastic bars are made by Leisure Concepts, Confer Plastics and other vendors.

There are also inflatable pool bars that can float in a spa or pool.  Some spas have drink holders included, so a bar may not be needed if the only goal is to keep a beverage within reach.

One common bar that is not a bar at all is the hot tub towel bar.  These types of bars hold a towel and can be mounted to the side of the spa.  Instead of hanging the towel over the nearest chair, it keeps the spa area neat and the towel ready as needed.

Spa surrounds are also available that include longer steps in addition to bar seating. Custom made bars can also be made out of wood.

Encapsulating the hot tub within a deck or porch setting may cost more up front, but can create a unique backyard entertaining area.

One of the lowest cost hot tub bar additions is a simple floating refreshment holder. These floating spa bars hold drinks and even snacks.   Other floating items include floating cards and coolers.