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Hot Tub Holidays Should Not Include Frosty

Hot Tub Holidays

It’s great that Santa can get together with the reindeer and elves for a little downtime this holiday season, but Frosty should not come along for obvious reasons.
Hot Tub Holidays without Frosty The holidays are near and the trek from the North Pole acr0ss the entire world can be gruelling.  Hefting huge lumps of coal over some areas of the world who have not been behaving themselves lately makes the sleigh ride an even heavier flight.

But to gain strength and perspective,  St. Nick decided to hang out with his buddies ahead of the Day.  Frosty too heard that hot tubs were really great for a sore back, so without a second thought, he jumped right in.

Although hot tubs are great for mostly everyone, they aren’t so good for snowmen.  In a few seconds, a floating carrot was all that remained.

There is a happy ending though as Santa collected Frosty’s nose and hat, and they went outside to rebuild him.  The reindeer were happy that Frosty was around again, but this time warned him not to jump into the hot tub.  So then Frosty stayed outside and sang three choruses of Frosty the Snowman while the elves and reindeer each took turns hanging with the Claus in the Hottub.


Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas to ALL!