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Hot Tub Startup Chemicals

hot tub spa chemicalsWhat do I need in my hot tub on a new fill?

Whether starting up a new hot tub or refilling the spa, assuring the proper chemicals are added to the water assures the safety and health of all those who get to enjoy the spa.

First the Filter

If the spa is new, then the filter will also be new and no cleaning is necessary. If the spa is being refilled, remove the dirty filter and hose it off, being sure to get in between the pleats.  A filter cleaning tool may be handy for this.

hot tub water careIf another filter is available, then put the clean filter into the spa.  If the dirty filter is bad, then it may be time to put it inside an overnight filter soak using a filter soak solution or product. This eats away at grime and debris that clog up the pores so that it can do a better job of filtering.  Filter sprays are also available, although for that it is best to wear gloves. Although filter sprays are faster than an overnight soak, if a second filter is available, it is better to soak overnight for thorough cleaning.  Depending on hot tub use, this should be done about monthly.  Replace the filter after about a year with a new one.

Starter Chemicals

Sanitizer is the first chemical to add.  If there is a chemical feeder or floater, add the chlorine or bromine tablets to the dispenser.   If using granular chlorine, then add directly to the newly filled spa water as per directions on the product taking into account the water volume of the spa.  Chemical feeders and dispensers are very easy to use because they have a dial or twisting cap that allows for the increase or decrease of dosage to the water.  Never mix bromine and chlorine.

Brominating concentrate is also available in larger bottles.

For those systems that have a bromine salt generator, the Bromicharge is used in conjunction with the Gecko bromine salt system.  Bromicharge is bromine salt that is needed to establish a reserve in the spa and then allow the salt system cell to do its job converting salt to bromine and back again.  Most systems do not have a salt water system, so the standard chemical procedure applies.

When freshly starting a spa that uses bromine as the main sanitizer, there is also a product called bromine start which establishes an initial reserve of bromine in the water so the spa can be used once it has heated up, as the tablets can take a while to dissolve until the proper amount is available in the water.

QCA Spa ChemicalsWhat other chemicals should be added when refilling or on a first fill?

First Step by Spa Breeze is a product that helps prevent stain and scale buildup in a hot tub.  This helps get the minerals out of the water and avoid that sandpaper feel that can coat the acrylic shell.  Precipitation of minerals and scale buildup can also intensify if the pH goes too high.

pH plus and pH minus are two hot tub chemicals that can move the pH level either up or down. These are both great to have on hand as each water supply or source may be different.  Adjust pH once the water is up to temperature. Maintain pH between 7.2-7.6.  Measure pH with test strips on a regular basis and adjust as necessary.

Add pH plus or pH minus directly to the warm and filled spa water as needed to remain within the proper range.

Learn more about the Monday Wednesday Friday hot tub water care program and always have clean, enjoyable water in your spa.  This program includes using Sparkle/Clarifier, Protect stain and scale removal (a weekly dose of the First Step) and Refresh non-chlorine shock treatment as needed.