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How to Buy and Use Hot Tub Test Strips for Best Results

Testing hot tub water regularly is important in order to protect everyone who uses the spa and provide a safe and clean bathing experience.

The most popular way to test hot tub water quality is with test strips.  There are different types of test strips on the market. Some test just for bromine while others combine bromine, chlorine and pH levels as well as alkalinity readings.  The paper test strip is a quick way of getting an overview of hot tub water quality. To use them, simply dip them into the water (and get your hands wet as explained in the video).

Buy Hot Tub Test Strips hot tub test strips online – be sure to order the type that is right for your  spa and the sanitizer you use (chlorine or bromine).

Another way to test hot tub water is with a water test kit, but that involves buying the reagents and using the test kit.  The test strip is a faster, less messy way of getting an indication of water quality, whether you need to add more sanitizer or adjust the pH.