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QCA Spas Mystic 4 Person Hot Tub

Discontinued model


This popular mid-sized spa will need to heat less water than larger models, and is compact and easy to maintain. It’s plug and play ready and comes with a GFCI protected cord, so it will operate at the standard 110 volts without needing to hire an electrician to install 220v.  This pack is convertible, so if you ever want to go 220v, the heater instantly becomes a 4kw heater instead of the standard 1kW heater it is at 110v-120v.  (Only a jumper wire and dipswitch needs to be moved to convert the pack).

Comfortable for 2 persons side by side or across, this unit has different seating with various jets for a great hydro-massage.  The Mystic Spa has deep seating, so your shoulders to not stick out of the water like in some shallow tubs.


Note that this is a plug and play 120 volt spa, so you don’t need an electrician to put in a 230 volt line.  If you do want to have it hardwired for 230 volt, contact us for instructions on converting the power pack.  With a few simple adjustments the heater in this spa transforms from 1kw to 4kw without any hardware changes.

Mystic Dimensions: 80 1/2″ L x 56 1/2″ W x 30″ D

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