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The Jet Set – Identifying and Replacing Bathtub & Spa Jets

find replacement spa jetsHydrotherapy is a wonderful thing. If you have a hot tub or jetted tub, then you know how water massage can bring pain relief and help you relax. Unfortunately, jets sometimes pop out or break. Most can be easily replaced – provided you know which jets to order.

There are many spa companies making many different models of spas. However, all of the spa manufacturers buy hot tub components from other manufacturers. This is certainly true with spa jets.  There are several jet manufacturers that are major players in the industry. Waterway leads the world market in jet manufacturing. Many American made spas use Waterway jets, but other popular brands include CMP, GG Industries, Pentair, Hayward and Jacuzzi. Other hot tub manufacturers have turned to more competitively priced Chinese jets. Rising Dragon is the most popular manufacturer of jets in China since they are very good quality. These jets are often used in Arctic spas and other brands.

replacement spa jets onlineTypes of Spa Jets

Jet configurations will differ by manufacturer and can differ by spa series or year of manufacture. Some of the different types of jets used in hot tubs include the following:

  • Directional (shoots water in the direction you point it)
  • Rotational jets (twin rotational or single rotational)
  • Pulsating jets
  • Typhoon jets
  • Euro jets
  • Jumbo jets
  • Air injector jets
  • Roto-pulse jets
  • Cyclone jets

You get the picture – there are lots of jets out there! Add in color – like stainless steel, white, graphite grey, black, etc. and you have literally thousands of jet variations to choose from. Most local dealers can only stock a few spa jets because there are so many variations. That is why it is usually best to buy replacement spa jets online.

replace spa jetsThere are 2 parts to the jets – the housing and the jet insert.  The housing is glued to your hot tub shell.  The insert goes into the housing & is usually the piece that will break or pop out.  Water pH imbalance and chemicals in the spa water can cause jet tabs to erode. Consequently, the jets will pop out when you turn the motor on.  It is a good idea to regularly test and maintain water levels to protect your jets (and your spa equipment) from corrosion or scaling.  Once a year, it is also a good idea to take your jets out and soak them in a solution of white vinegar and water overnight, to remove corrosion and build up.  You can also hose down jets each time you refill the spa to help keep them clean.

How to Find the Right Replacement Jets for Your Tub or Spa

While it is easy to see the jet color, you still need to identify the model number. Many jets will have the model number stamped in the plastic. This makes it easy to find a replacement.

If you can’t see a stamp, or can’t remove the jet to look for it, you can still find the right jet by measuring. First, measure the front diameter of the face of the jet – from the outer edge of the left side of the jet straight over to the outer edge of the right side of the jet (going directly across the center). Second, measure the height of the jet.  Put the face of jet flat down on a table. The height from the table up to tip of the jet stem. It is important to have both measurements to find the right replacement spa jet.

replacement hot tub jetsYou can choose to change the style of jet as long as you match the size of the face diameter & the back part. There are a few specialty spa companies, like Hot Tub Outpost, that have spa techs that can match jets for any make and model of hot tub.  All you need to do is take a photo of the front face of the jet & a photo of the back of the jet and send it with the dimensions. They can send you a link to the exact jet you need. Simply email your information to

Finding the right replacement jets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You may even find it fun to switch up the type of jets and vary your massage. Happy hot tubbing!