Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Need a hot tub?

If you need a hot tub, then you can narrow down the options by answering a few questions.  Then you can see spa listings to find the spa right for you.

How big should the hot tub be? The larger spas have more room, but they also need to heat more water and typically have more features, pumps and items that increase the electricity consumption.  On the other hand, having various clusters of jets can provide massage to different body parts so that even for a single bather, there are more massage options in spa with more jets.

Another consideration is to get a spa with a lounger or without a lounge. The lounger seat usually takes up the room of 2-3 normal seats, so if a large party spa is in the cards, then eliminating the lounger will allow more occupants to use the spa.

The quality of components including the shell type should be considered.  Is the spa for occaisional use at a vacation home, or is it for 3 season or 4 season use at home?  If it should last longer, then selecting a high quality acrylic spa instead of a blow-up viny or a cheap plastic spa made of material that fades and warps may be the answer.

Buy from a manufacturer that has been in business over 20 years.  Many hot tub companies have gone out of business or bankrupt over the years (public record) such as Hydro Spa of Florida and others, so buying from a company that is still in business and has been in business a long time will help reduce the risk of not receiving proper support in the case it is needed.