Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Hot Tub Accessories – Covers and Cover Lifters

Hot Tub Glasses ShatterproofPopular hot tub accessories can help you and your family or friends enjoy your spa more.  Some accessories such as steps are needed for safety reasons.

Hot Tub Glasses
Luxury hot tub accessories include non-breakable wine glasses, as glass splinters in a pool or spa are dangerous and may result in needing to drain and clean the entire tub. The shatterproof kind of wine glasses are the best to use when entertaining-  govino Stemless Shatterproof Wine Glasses – 32 Pack .

Games and Accessories
There are games and exercises for hot tubs, and then there are necessities such as spa steps, cover and chemicals.

Umbrellas, gazebos and pergolas can help keep the spa private.   Trees and landscaping can also selectively be placed to block out the view from neighbors or paths next to the home.

Lights and Music

spa bubbles to help you relaxBuilt-in accessories that enhance the relaxing mood include hot tub LED lighting and a stereo system.  The spa does not necessarily have to have a stereo in it if there is a patio stereo system, although some music systems in spas actually use the entire spa shell as the speaker (Vibrasound System available).

In this case, the overall volume can be played lower and no one person in the spa gets the brunt of the loud music while others can barely hear it. The neighbors will also be thankful that while you are rocking out in the tub, the actual sound that carries is not so bad, whereas a patio music system must be cranked up to full in order to hear the music above the jets and bubbles.  Still, the patio sound system is nice apre spa for relaxing outdoors near the spa.

Safety Accessories
ot tub accessories for safety include the safety rail that mounts to the spa cabinet as well as the hot tub steps that are usually 2-tier high steps.  The 3 tier steps for extremely deep or tall spas automatically come with a handrail as it is required by safety standards over 2 rungs.

Spa Water Balancing
For sanitizing the spa, bromine or chlorine do the job although new enzyme treatments are available that reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine needed.  Also there are mineral sticks that claim to reduce the need for bromine, but the ozonator is a built-in accessory that actually does kill bacteria, so you can use less bromine than you would without an ozonator to maintain the spa water.

PH can be maintained with ph plus and ph minus.

Energy Saving Accessories
The most energy saving device on the hot tub is the spa cover. A thicker cover means better insulation and lower energy costs.  A thicker cover may also mean heavier lifting, so if you opt for a 5″ thick winter cover for your hot tub, then getting a cover lifter may be a good choice.  A cover lift device lifts the spa lid by the power of only one person. The cover is then stowed next to the spa while attached to the horizontal cover lift bars or cover lifter device.  When not in use the hot tub cover also comes with cover tie downs and locks to avoid it blowing away in the wind.

One of the best additional energy saving devices is the floating spa cover.  This type of cover actually floats on the water’s surface and is a secondary cover to the main, rigid spa cover. The floating cover thus creates an air barrier between the top of the floating cover and the underside of the main spa cover. This provides an insulating effect and saves even more on electricity.

Enjoy your hot tub and let hot tub accessories add to your outdoor experience.