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Spa Hot Tub Covers

Ordering a replacement hot tub cover is easy online. There are a few things to know in order to make sure the cover will fit right when it arrives as most spa cover vendors will not pay for return freight of an improperly measured cover, nor will they even take the cover back at all.

Hot tub covers are made to fit many different spa shapes, sizes and models. Whether you need jacuzzi covers, sundance spa covers, vita spa covers or even covers for Home Depot spas, finding a reliable online cover source will help get you the right replacement or spare hard cover.

Measuring for a replacement hot tub cover is best done on the existing spa cover or if that is not available, then lip to lip across the spa. When measuring with a tape measure across an open spa, use a board or other level item that will span across the spa so the tape does not sag and create a longer measurement.

Why not order by spa brand and not deal with measurements? Simply for the reason this article opened with. If there is a problem with the cover fitting right, the cover sellers will not take back the custom cover, or pay return freight on it. Some manufacturers change their spa molds and forms over the years for the same model name. This may result in there being 2 or more different cover sizes for the same spa model and brand. For example on the QCA Spas Cozumel hot tub, there are 3 different cover sizes that fit that model depending on when the spa was made. Therefore it is best to take your own measurements.

Measurements that may be required when ordering a hot tub cover online:

Measure of cover itself – this includes length and width on rectangular covers, radius on round covers and individual measurements for all odd-angles.
Measure of the Radius: The radius of a spa cover refers to the rounded corners – not to be confused with the radius of the whole cover in the case of a round cover. The corner radius measurement is best taken with a carpenters square across the corner.
Measure of the Skirt Length or Flap: This is the material length that hangs down around the edge of the cover and covers the edge of the acrylic on the spa. Sometimes it does not matter how long this is as long as it covers the acrylic, but if the spa has a cabinet with a top-rail where the skirt may bunch up if it is too long, then measure the skirt from the old cover and use that measurement.
Foam Density: This is how dense the foam insert is. The denser, the more resistant to cracking and breakage. 1 1/2 or 2 pound foam panels are typical. Higher foam density usually means sturdier cover.
Taper: The taper of the cover is the difference of the cover thickness from the middle to the outer edge of the cover. This slope is needed so that rain and melting ice and snow can run off without collecting on top of the cover. A 3-2 taper means that the cover measures 3 inches thick near the middle and 2 inches thick on the 2 outer edges.
Cover Locks: Cover locks are usually included with a hard cover so that the cover can be tied down to the edge of the spa and avoid it blowing off in high winds or avoid unwanted access by kids or other intruders when the spa is not in use.

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