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Spa 2 Go Portable Hot Tub

Spa2Go could be found in the $700 range, but the unit is no longer widely available.   The unit was a plug and play model that came with a 1kw heater.
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  • Measures 69 x 106 x 20 inches (WxHxD); 65.8 pounds

Inflate with the supplied power pack and air tube, fill with water, plug in to
any standard 110 volt outlet, and you’re ready to relax in turbowave-powered
massaging water heatable to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

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The reviews complain of poorly written documentation but also say the spa is bigger than expected and easy to set up despite the instructions. Some reviewers also
mention that this spa is powered by a blower to churn the water so it actually cools the water while cycling.  For a quick fix, this is fine, but lingering in the spa especially during cold outdoor temperatures may mean looking at a different spa.  But again, you get what you pay for, and for a few hundred bucks this is a start.
There were other complaints about a puncture.   Blowers tend to run loud when mounted external to the spa shell.  The upside is this type of spa is portable and can easily be stowed in the winter withouthaving to winterize it.  Compare prices with the 2013 inflatable spas.