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$500 Hot Tub

Mspa USA B-110 Bubble Spa

It’s not rated very highly, but you do get what you pay for. There is a better model now available below for somewhat more than $500.

Have a look at some current model inflatable hot tubs at Hot Tub Outpost.

Some of the reviews suggest these types of spas may be vulnerable to puncture, but simple punctures can be repaired with the appropriate vinyl repair kit. Will you be the envy of the neighborhood in this $500 “spa”? It may depend on your neighbor’s knowledge of hot tubs :). When these are working, you will get a hydro-massage similar to single jet massages in a hotel spa which can get the blood flowing.  Again, for a few hundred dollars, it is easy to setup and transport, and will provide a basic massage.

This type of soft sided spa is also great for the kids or others that don’t mind sitting on the floor in exchange for a truly portable and cheap hot tub solution. Also note that these types of spas generally do not come fitted with a real electric heater, but rely on the warmth generated by the pump to heat the water. This does not perform well as more robust hot tubs in the colder climates and winter season.

Note that these types of units do not have any seats, as the occupants sit on the floor.  A better version of the B-110 is the 4 person Silver Cloud B-110 below.

Compare the B-110 Silver Cloud with factory direct hot tubs and decide on your hot tub budget.