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QCA Spas Filters Online

Every year or so, the filters on your QCA Spa should be replaced.  The owner’s manual as well as industry experts suggest that the spa filter should be cleaned every week or two in order to lower any stress that may be put on the pump from an overloaded filter.

Keeping your spa water and filter clean can prolong the life of your spa equipment and makes for a much more pleasant soaking experience. The filter gets rid of all sorts of debris, contaminants and dirt from the tub’s water. So how do you know which filter is the right replacement for your QCA Spa?

QCA Spas OutdoorsDetermining what filter you need will depend on your model of hot tub, and comes down to finding the spa filter by size to be sure.

Just measure the existing filter length, outer diameter and inner diameter.  Most QCA Spas use filters that have a center hole down the middle, so there are no threaded end caps or handles on the filter.  There are however, several different filter models used.  The Dream Series tends to use smaller filters while most spas in the Paradise Series uses the big 100 sq. ft. filters.

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