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Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

Fall is in the air and winter is around the corner, so it may be time to get that winter pool cover online.

Swimming pool covers for above ground pools are quite inexpensive, but protect the above ground pool over the entire winter months.

Winter pool covers are available in many different sizes; from round to rectangular.  Get the best prices on winter covers for pools by emailing us.  For instance the quality 16×34″ winter cover is just $92.92 delivered with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.A.

If you live in a northern climate, you will appreciate getting the winter cover from a company that appreciates the northern winters.  These quality covers have thick fabric that protects against wind, snow and sleet.  This quality, long-lasting cover will allow water to remain clear over the winter.   The purpose of putting a good quality cover on your above ground pool is to make opening the pool in the spring a breeze.  Debris and melting snow and ice are kept out of the pool and it also helps prevent kids and animals from accessing the pool during the winter months.

When closing your above ground pool, remove all of the pool toys and then check for leaks to make sure this will not be an issue.  Follow the winterizing directions of your pool’s manufacturer. This may involve closing up the skimmer and adding a winterizing chemical set including pool shock, winterizing algaecide and other protectants.

Follow directions on winterizing the filter and pump and then cover the pool.   The above ground pool cover should be at least 3-4 feet bigger than the actual pool.  This means a 26′ pool cover may be 29-30′ in actual size.  These above ground winter covers actually sit on the water and are not tightly stretched.  You may want to have a sump pump handy to remove any excessive water accumulation on the cover over the winter months.