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Backyard Summer Party Preparation

It’s summer and the backyard needs a once-over before that big summer party. Here are some tips on how to prep for your next backyard Summerfest.

Cut the Grass – Early

Rake first, then cut the grass and use the hedge trimmer for nice crisp edges.  Don’t do this on party day, or guests will be traversing your nice floor with their green-stained shoes.  Cut the lawn several days before the big event.  You can also clear the area of grass clippings, plus  freshly cut grass may invoke allergic reactions in some guests.

Clean the Yard

Toys, knick knacks and winter leftovers should be removed.  Dog toys (and even the doggie poo) should be removed before guests arrive.  This is not just for the sake of cleanliness, but also for safety to avoid someone twisting their ankle or tripping over stuff laying around the yard.

Yard Decorations

A little decoration goes along way to help put visitors in a festive mood.  Sure Halloween is a time that offers many suitable outdoor decorations, but other weatherproof décor is also available including fresh flowers,  patio table centerpiece,  signage or other theme related items.

Clear the Walkways

Don’t make your guests go on a jungle safari to get to the backyard.  Clear those hedges, rogue branches and bushes from the main walkways and make their entrance accommodating.

Outdoor Lighting

Although you may be setting up for the party during daylight, many parties linger into the evening hours and having nice outdoor lighting will continue to set the mood into the evening.  First be sure existing patio lighting is working and bulbs are replaced as needed. Then you can also consider additional lighting sources such as from the hot tub, porch lighting or even additional outdoor lighting, torches or other illumination.  Tiki torches can also help to repel flying insects.

Watch Those Pests

This does not refer to aunt Millie and uncle Bill, it is those pesky mosquitos and other flying insects that can destroy the mood as dusk approaches.  Protect your guests from these uninvited nuisances with decorative citronella candles.  Also have deet-based mosquito repellant on hand as needed for individual guests to use.  This is also a good time to fire up those tiki torches that you places along walkways or around the patio.   Before the party, be sure there are no areas of standing water where mosquitos can breed such as bird baths, puddles or other containers.  Even an inverted Frisbee can be a breeding ground for those biters, so doing a “standing water review” a day or two ahead of time will help to get rid of that problem.

Now fire up the hot tub, crank up the tunes (but not too loud, too early), put out the decorations and serve up some sumptuous treats.  It is also in vogue to have BYOB parties or even Bring Your Own Appetizers…  A theme party can put everyone in a great summer mood.

Mix in  some sports like badminton, volleyball, croquet, bocci ball or other backyard activity.

Wind down with the last few guests for a soak in the hot tub and enjoy the summer evening.

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