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Grey Handi Step for SpasHot tubs can be 36″ or even 40″ tall and not very easy to climb into.  Especially the deep tubs will usually come with a step.  But if you need a spa step, then getting a Handi-Step is one of the lowest cost and sturdiest solutions.

The Handi-Step comes in a variety of colors and is very robust.  It is ridged to avoid slipping and they also double as utility steps.

These types of plastic steps can be moved away or stored when the spa is not in use as well.

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Handi-Step Spa Step, Redwood Color


A set of steps usually lines up with internal spa steps, but if you don’t have internal steps in the spa then you can place these anywhere on any side of the spa.  If you have a grey cabinet get a matching grey step and if you have a brown or teak cabinet, the basic brown step will do just fine.

These are only slightly above fifty bucks and well worth it.

They are easy to assemble, UV resistant, weatherproof, critter proof and also easily clean off with just soap and water.  They fit to any type of spa including round ones, square ones or octagonal spas.  Non-skid, ridged steps provide safe entry and exit to the spa.  No splinters or re-staining!  Nice colors.