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Cheap Hot Tubs – Make Your Own Hot Tub

Cheap Hot Tubs

Long ago, a hot tub was basically a barrel full of hot water. The Jacuzzi brothers figured out how to get a pump to circulate water inside the barrel and create hydromassage. There are many cheap hot tubs on the market today.

Cheap hot tubs can be vinyl sided, round “kiddy tubs” with a blower that bubbles the water, to an inexpensive quality hot tub made by a reputable manufacturer with quality components – and everything in between.

The cheapest hot tub I have found so far is a do it yourself hot tub as made by this gentleman in New Zealand. Hats off for coming up with a hot tub for around $100! Now that’s a hot tub everyone can afford! Check it out –

It may not be the prettiest hot tub on the market, but hey it’s only a hundred bucks – plus you can even boil the tea kettle on the heater, a function lacking in most high end spas.

If you have the fortitude and time to build your own hot tub, and happen to have some metal sheeting laying around the yard, then this is your tub! I guess the point here is that finances should not hold you back from hot tub ownership and enjoying the benefits of a warm water hydromassage. Chances are when you use the spa at the resort, you are only sitting in front of one jet, and that can feel very relaxing too. Of course with fancier units and better jet configurations, entire muscle groups can be massaged at once.

If you have a little more of a budget, consider higher quality cheap hot tubs as an alternative.