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Hanging in the Hot Tub

Hanging in the Hot Tub

How about dangling 600 feet from a bridge!  And look at all of those hot tubbers.  Hope the pumps and heater are working fine as getting a repair guy up there could be quite costly (and hard to find – how many qualified hot tub repair technicians are also qualified bungy jumpers?).

Check out these pics of the hot tub hanging from the bridge here.

Bungy jumping is especially popular off of some bridges in southern New Zealand. Hot tubbing is also popular, and there are also natural mineral hot springs in New Zealand that are very popular with both locals and visitors.  So combining their love for hot tubs with their love of hanging from high places makes this a natural.

This must be especially nice in the evening as the LED lights turn on in the spa.

Jumpers from the bridge need to mindful of the spa below, as nobody has actually done the high dive into the spa (that would not be recommended).

It also seems a bit crowded, but that is during peak traffic time, so as the evening rolls in, it should be less crowded and more enjoyable. If they need more water, I suppose they would need a hose from above.

Interestingly, the ropes and chains must be pretty strong as the weight of water can be quite substantial, nevermind all of the tubbers present.











Don’t try this at home folks!