Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Happy New Year 2016 Hot Tub Tips

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!

We have had a pretty mild fall, but it is getting cold now and snow is on its way to the Northeast.  In case the spa needs a water change, it is best to perform that task during plus temperatures, so pick an afternoon that is mild for this task.

Clean the filter or replace it if it is over a year old.

For fastest draining, use a submersible pump and fill with hose.  After filling the spa, don’t forget to turn off any external valve shutoffs to prevent house water lines from freezing. Also disconnect the hose, drain the water out of it as you roll it up and store it in the garage or basement to avoid the hose from freezing up in case you need it for a refill during freezing weather.

If you get a freeze warning during refill, then all the pumps and blower will come on and they won’t shut off until the spa temperature reaches a minimum acceptable level.  Be sure the spa is heating during this time.  This is a normal functions with many controller types including Balboa and the warning will go away once the freeze threshold temperature is reached.

Be sure to have enough sanitizer available in the spa (either chlorine or bromine).

Enjoy a nice hot tub as the snow begins to fall.