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Hot Tub Cover Lifters Help Open and Close Spa Covers

Cover lifter and Spa coversThe hot tub cover lifter is one of the greatest inventions surrounding hot tubs.  As the original round hot tubs were invented, a soft cover was all there was to float on top of the tub.  Later, bulkier, thicker and heavier covers did do a better job of keeping the elements and intruders out, but became more burdensome to remove and replace.

Enter the hot tub cover lifter device where one person can open and close the hot tub cover with one hand.

No more fumbling around with heavy covers, especially ones that may be getting a little waterlogged.  Spas are for relaxation, not for injuring your back.

A cover lifter is a must for those larger 92″ spas with big covers.  It is also a must for those with thicker 5 or 6 inch covers that can get quite heavy.

Another advantage to using a cover lifter is that you save the cover from getting dinged when you drop it.  A ding can quickly turn into a tear in the inner lining that protects the foam core from the elements.  A wet foam core means a waterlogged cover and one that can also breed bacteria and mold.

Once a cover gets waterlogged, it may need to be replaced if it cannot be dried out properly and the damage to the inner lining sealed up again. Save yourself the aggravation and save your cover by using a cover lifter.

Are all Cover Lifters the Same?

Not all cover lifts are created equally.  There basic lifter used in most cases features a bar that goes all the way across the center line of the cover.  You then fold up one side of the cover over the bar and then use a handle to remove the folded cover and place it to the side of the spa.

The Cover Butler is your basic, quality cover removal workhorse. You will need about 10 inches on either side of the spa for the side bars.

You will also need clearance at the back of the spa where you will have the cover folded up and stowed during use of the spa.

Since a hot tub cover lifter can assist one person with the opening and closing of the cover, there is less apprehension or thought about whether it is worthwhile to go in the spa.  The barrier to entry is removed because all you need to do is lift the cover half with the cover lifter and move it to the side.

Easy open, easy close.  Most hot tubs should actually come with the lifter since it is an integral part of the functionality of the spa.

Yet another advantage is that you do not drag grass, dirt and debris into the spa via the cover, should it come in contact with the ground.

Even a harmless ding in the cover that results from dropping it over the edge of the spa when not using a lifter, can turn into a small pit which can then turn into a bigger pit as rain water starts to settle in it, thus making it even larger.  Pretty soon, birds are bathing in a rather large pit in your cover and then the inside becomes stressed and a little tear forms. Water goes in the little tear, creating a larger tear and soon the cover is waterlogged.  All from that one drop off the edge of the spa.

hot tub cover lifterThere are several different brands and types of cover lifters.  There are deck mount lifts and cabinet mount lifts.  Some popular brands include the Cover Butler which does the job beautifully and is affordable.  That is why the Cover Butler is our number one cover lift.

We also offer other types of lifters including various versions of the Cover mate and Cover Valet which can fit up against a wall.

Inside a gazebo and in other places where there is no clearance on the side of the spa where the cover is to be stored.  In the stowed position, the cover valet is upright and can be put on spas with or without wood rims.  Contact the Hot Tub Outpost for your cover lifter needs.

Another cover lifter brand is the Cover Caddy which has support arms on one side of the spa. They are raised, the cover is folded over and slid onto the support arms, then the spa cover is pushed downward into a stored position.

Yet another cover lifter is the Cover Rock-It which fits most spas up to 96″ wide. Other accessories that are useful include the spa side rail to assist in entering and exiting the spa, spa safety steps and even drink trays and holders.

Save your cover and your back, use a cover lifter and enjoy your spa!