Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Hot Tub Filter Maintenance Tips

Hot Tub Filter MaintenanceMaintaining the hot tub filter is necessary because having a dirty filter can put alot of stress on the spa pump.  The pump has to work harder to pull water through the filter.

Cleaning the filter is a better way to keep the chemicals safe and more economical.

Drain the spa every 3-4 months.  Wipe the shell down with a wet towel or even a little windex.  Just wash all off before refilling spa.

Remove the filter and hose it off every 3 weeks or so depending on hot tub use.  Having 2 filters on hand allows for them to be rotated.  Put the new filter in while the old one is out for maintenance.  Get a filter Bright and Soak and soak the dirty filter in a bucket overnight for a deep cleaning every month or two.  These filters can last a year each or more.  Rotating the filter duty between 2 filters means the pair should last 2 years.

In between the bigger filter exchanges and soaks, the filter can periodically just be rinsed off with a garden hose to remove debris and accumulations which can impeed water fow.

Of course, whenever the bands break or the end caps split or there are other obvious signs Hot Tub Filter Maintenance Tipsof filter cartridge breakdown, it is best to just replace it with a new cartridge.

See our tips on replacing a hot tub filter to be sure you order the correct replacement cartridge as some filters have threaded connectors and other irregularities.

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