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Hot Tub in the Dorm Room at College

Inflatable Cheap Hot Tub Dorm RoomWhat a great way to meet people. Just add a plug and play hot tub to the dorm room and let the party begin. Unfortunately, there is controversy about keeping the hot tub in the dorm.  Senior mathematics major Kevin Lenahan installed a 1,800-pound, 200-gallon inflatable hot tub in his James Hall room in February.

“I didn’t just do this overnight; I did my research. I looked over the  housing code, and it wasn’t in violation of health or safety (procedures), in my  opinion,” Lenahan told The Post newspaper. “Once I did my research, I knew it  was going to work.”

And it did work, for about a month.

“I leave my door open all the time when I’m in, and people will come  over, some people I’ve never even met before with their swimming trunks and  towels and they’ll jump on in and that’s how I meet people,” he said.

Dorm rooms typically lack in space,  and there are certain weight restrictions to adhere to, however most dorm rooms have cement floors and are structurally sound enough to support an inflatable hot tub.  The weight of water is not to be underestimated though, and whenever placing a hot tub indoors, the opinion of a structural engineer and a review is in order to make sure there are no weight issues.  The weight of a hot tub is not only the raw weight of the spa, but also includes the weight of the water and the weight of the occupants – all sharing the same few square feet.  This is why some outdoor deck installations require additional supports under the spa.
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