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Hot Tub Jet InsertHot tub jets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When sourcing a replacement hot tub jet, it is important to determine whether you need the whole jet or only the jet insert (or the jet back). The hot tub jet insert screws into the jet back through a hole in the spa shell made to fit the jet.

Each jet family has its own name. For instance, the jet on the right belongs to the cluster jet family.  Cluster jets are small jets that can be placed in a “cluster”, or very close to each other to form jet groups in the spa.  Jets can be plastic or have a stainless steel face (or escucheon).

The jet face can be smooth (as in the picture here) or it can be scallop or have a different design.

The jet backs can accommodate different jet inserts. There are, for example, ozone cluster jet bodies and universal cluster jet bodies. Jet back and jet body refer to the back end of the jet which is mounted from the underside of the cabinet on the other side of the spa shell, and the insert is mounted from the water side of the shell.

Storm Jets – Waterway Power Storm Jets

Storm Jets are the larger jets that come with different face designs. Storm jet inserts may be smooth, scallop (ridged) or even spoke, swirl, rev swirl, nova or other design.
The most common storm jet inserts are either smooth or scallop.  The jet inserts can be single nozzle (just one hole) or multi-nozzle (more jets within a jet). Be sure when ordering just the replacement jet insert that it will fit your current jet back.

Jet board at Hot Tub Spa TipsTypes of storm jets include directional (where the nozzle can be rotated into a different, fixed position) or rotational (roto) where the nozzle is free to rotate. There are also twin-roto jet inserts that have 2 rotating nozzles.  The power storm massage jets usually have multiple nozzles in a fixed pattern. Massage jets have a pulsating stream.

There are also Galaxy jet inserts for gentle shower and Multi-massage inserts for multi-shower.  Each jet insert and jet body has a part number, so if replacing, it is best to get the same part number, or at least an insert that is compatible with the jet back if the type of insert is to be changed. (There are roto inserts that will fit in place of directional jets etc..).

Replacement Hot Tub Jet Inserts

When ordering a replacement hot tub jet insert, also specify the color to match the other jets. Sometimes the color is coded in the last 2 digits of the jet part number, but specify it to be sure.

Note whether the jet is stainless steel or plain plastic.  Some jet manufacturers such as Waterway, have also moved to a new insert type calle thread-in style internals.  These do not fit in older jet bodies that use a snap-in internal.  There are also Glo-style internals.

Replacement Hot Tub Jet Bodies

As far as jet bodies, there are those with air and those without. The jet bodies with air hook up to an air source (either a blower line, air manifold or venturi air hose that leads to a control for mixing air with the water by venturi.

Poly Storm Jet BodyBody assemblies come in many different sizes and some do not have air.  Newer jet bodies may accept all mini-storm and poly storm series snap-in jet internals in the Waterway line. They allow for flex or rigid hot tub plumbing and are made of NSF fitting grade PVC. The connection type can be spigott or slip.

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