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Hot Tub Jets Source

Replacing hot tub jetsSpa jets are the different shaped and sized outlets for the massaging action that the spa water provides.  The jet pump propels the water through plumbing, hose, pipe and manifolds to eventually end up at a jet orifice (the hole or holes in the jet face).  Jets can be stationary or they can rotate too. There can be one, two or many orifices in one jet.  Take the great 14 nozzle massage jet which is one jet insert with 14 holes or orifices. (I wonder if they would be called orifi?) Anyways, there are many things to know about jets before replacing them.

Spa Jet Inserts replacemnetFirst, the spa jet is actually the jet insert and the jet back, but we loosely call just the insert the jet, because that is the part that we can replace. The other part, the jet back, is mounted to the rear of the spa shell (usually with a gasket and/or silicone) and the plumbing (water and sometimes air) is connected to the jet back or body.  Since jet inserts only fit in particular types of jet backs or bodies, we have to replace jets with the same brand and size of jet.  We can change style, color and pattern though to customize a particular jet location.  Note that not all jets come out. Some of the directional or fixed jets are permanently mounted and/or siliconed in and do not come out, same with air jets. But many jet inserts can be replaced.  Most inserts unscrew to the left past the detente position. If you keep turning this type of twist-in jet, it will then unscrew all the way and come out.

Replacing hot tub jets involves knowing what brand of jet it is and the size and type.

Snap In vs. Turn In

Some jets push-lock into place, while others need to be turned (twisted) in (clockwise).

You will need the same jet insert type when sourcing jets.

There are several different main brands of spa jets including Waterway, American Products, G&G, Balboa, Hydro Air, Pentair and CMP.  There are also specialty jets such as Vertassage and THerassage jets by Hydro Air, whirlpool jets and even fountain and waterfall jets.

Once the brand is determined, the jet face needs to be measured as there are 2 inch through 7 inch jet widths and everything in between.

Hot Tub Outpost jet insertsAfter all that, we’ve got the jet brand, the jet width and type – now there are several jet styles, colors and patterns.

Jet styles include: crown, deluxe scalloped, revo, swirl, textured, smooth, smooth scalloped and ribbed.

Jet colors include: black, white, gray, dark gray, stainless steel and other colors depending on brand.

Jet patterns include: directional, massage, multi-massage, roto, twin roto, rifled and fixed.

And that is just what is visible from the front.  For the detail oriented, there are also different jet diffuser openings.  The diffuser is the part that sticks out the back of the jet insert.

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