Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Hot Tub Tips for your New QCA Spa

plug n play hot tubWhen you get your QCA Spa installed and filled, the fun begins.

Learning how to operate the spa is pretty easy. Many QCA Spas come with a 4 button control panel with settings for temperature, light, jets and mode. The manual is always helpful to identify certain functions.

The 110v spas are very easy to install, just set them up, fill them up and plug in the GFCI power cord into a 110-120v power outlet.  The new filter goes in the filter canister, but is usually already installed.

Add a bottle of First Step to the water, fill the sanitizer dispenser with bromine tablets, or use chlorine (granular) as the sanitizer, but never mix the two. Just choose either bromine or chlorine to be your main sanitizer and then stick with that. Test strips show the level of sanitizer in the water.

To maintain the hot tub, clean the filter by hosing it off regularly.

Drain spa every 3-4 months. The reason is that after a while, the spa gets saturated with chemicals and TDS or total dissolved solids, so then just drain and refill.

Some QCA Spas do not have a hose bib or drain valve, so those can easily be drained by either using the gravity method from a garden hose, or by getting a submersible pump. Find all your hot tub accessories online at and enjoy your new QCA Spa.

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