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Hottub Pump Not Working – Time for a New Spa Pump

Hot tub pumps are the engine of the spa that keeps the jets going that provide that soothing, invigorating massage.  When the pump stops working, the tub grinds to a halt.  The water will not even be heated if the problem pump is the same 2 speed pump that also provides for the circulation and filtration duty.

Although some spas have a dedicated circulation pump which filters the water, many use the 2 speed pump as the filter pump as well (on low speed).   Pumps can fail for a number of reasons.

Pump is Hot

A pump can run hot or hum if there is a voltage supply problem from the main line.  During a brown out or other low power condition, the spa pumps may appear to be working, but they may overheat due to the increased amp draw.  This does not mean you need a new pump (although it it consistantly overheats, it may damage the pump), but assuring the pump and the spa are getting the correct voltage is one of the first steps a spa service tech or electrician may undertake to troubleshoot the problem.

Pump Leaks

Sometimes the pump is failing bccause there is a leak at the union or even within the pump. The pump seals may have degraded to the point where they no longer contain water. If water gets into the motor part of the pump, that can also destroy the pump and require a new one.  Note that many times, only a pump wet end is required if the motor is good.  New seals should be installed when replacing the wet end and new impeller.

Pump Hums – No Water Flow

A frozen or stuck impeller may cause this condition.  Another reason the pump may not start is a defective start capacitor on some pumps.   A stuck armature shaft may indicate debris or a broken part of the pump that has caused it to stop rotating, or even rust buildup.  Bad bearings may also be part of the problem at this stage.

Bad Pump Bearings

That grinding noise or other loud continuous whine from the pump may indicate bad bearings.

In many of the instances above, neglecting water quality over time will have resulted in these symptoms and problems.  The best way to help the new replacement pump last longer is to monitor pH and water quality regularly as clean water not only protects the bathers, but also the spa equipment.

Pump Damage Causes

Some things that can damage a pump and shorten its service life include:

  • not maintaining water chemistry
  • allowing pump to run dry (without water in the spa or pump)
  • improper voltage to the spa or pump
  • incorrect wiring (ie. 110v pump and 230v circuit)
  • foreign object in the pump

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When troubleshooting pumps, only attempt the work if you practice all of the necessary safety steps or call a technician.