Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Sell a Used Spa – Buy a New Spa – or Turn the Old Spa into a Pond

What to do with a 15 year old spa that has a rotting wooden cabinet and has exceeded its service life?  Perhaps the heater is cased in calcium carbonate and is working extra hard – increasing your electricity consumption unnecessarily.  Sometimes, old stuff just has to go, to make room for the newest, more energy efficient models.

That cover is probably not looking so great either, and it is probably the third or fourth one you have owned.  The new spa comes with a new cover and 7 more years of problem free operation (in theory).  There is just one thing holding you back (besides finances).  What to do with the old spa?

If the spa is working, you could list it on ebay or craigslist and have someone pay you to cart if off.  If the spa is no longer working, you may just consider turning it into a pond.

Hot Tub Pond

This enterprising author of an article has decided it is a good idea to repurpose an unused hot tub into a pond or even a bog garden.  I have always dreamed of my very own bog garden!  Fish will enjoy it, and so will frogs who will be perched on the water lilies.  Now the old cedar tubs make the best ponds, but any spa can be made to fit into the gardenscape.

Pond hot tub