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Infrared Saunas

infrared saunasIn any infrared sauna, sweat is the result. But what is sweated out depends on which sauna is used.

Infrared saunas can release toxins stored in the body such as lead, mercury, chlorine, CO2 and SO2.  Sweating out these impurities is believed to make us feel better and become healthier.

Far Infrared comes from the sun and has been around a very long time. The reason 9.4 microns is seen as the most beneficial wavelength for the human body is because not only is that the wavelength which the human body resonates at and produces, but this is the wavelength that will penetrate the deepest – from 1 1/2″ -2″ deep.

Better Life standard infrared saunasWhen looking at the spectrum of wavelenths, infrared light falls between microwaves and visible rays but is neither. Near Infrared is from about 0-1.5 microns, middle infrared is from about 1.5-5.5 microns and far infrared is from 5.5 to the beneficial 9.4 microns. The infrared light spectrum goes all the way up to 1000 microns. The most vital rays to the human body fall between 7-14 microns. Therasauna’s Theramitter produces 6-14 microns of Far Infrared output with the greatest output at 9.4 microns.

The SpectraWave function found on the deluxe Therasauna models, can actually cycle through a wider range of micron levels for maximum benefit.

Far infrared output is delivered constantly at 9.4 microns by the StableHeat patented control system exclusive to Therasauna. This occurs after reaching a set temperature of 130 degrees F.  Far infrared in other saunas has 0 micron output once the set temperature of 130 degrees is reached in our example. This is because, while a thermostat will shut off the cabin’s infrared heaters once the set temperature is reached, the Therasauna system continues to output infrared while maintaining cabin temperature.

In a traditional sauna or another sauna that does not get to the 9.4 micron output, you sweat superficially and get rid of surface toxins, but not the deeper toxins.

In a competitor’s sauna, the sweat may be 95-97% liquid and 3-5% impurities, whereas in Therasauna the sweat outputis 80-85% liquid and 15-20% impurities/toxins.

Therasauna infrared saunasIf you want to get rid of mercury, do you want to get rid of 3-5% or 15-20%?

Therasauna is one of the higher priced cabins on the market due to this technology.

People will get healthier and feel better about themselves as well as look better which makes for a better lifestyle.

Invest in your well-being with a Therasauna from the Hot Tub Outpost.

Also available are the affordable Better Life standard infrared saunas and the new reduced price/feature Therasauna Classic line.