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Lowest Cost Backyard Relaxation – A Fabric Hammock

Hot tub too expensive? Already have a hot tub?  In any case, the lowest cost relaxation in the backyard is the tried and true fabric hammock.

A comfortable summer hammock tied to 2 posts on the porch.A comfortable hammock made from 100% recycled cotton comes in at under 20 bucks and can make all the difference in the world when you need a dry place to unwind.

Read a book in the shade and take it easy.  A hammock for the long days of summer will surely make yours more enjoyable.

Read the reviews on this 20 dollar fabric hammock here:

Texsport La Paz Hammock

This hammock has a 75 inch bed length and comes with a storage bag too.

From the manufacturer: “The La Paz is made of cool, comfortable cotton in a multicolored pattern. It
measures 40-by-120 inches (W x D), with a 75-inch bed length, and has a
300-pound weight limit. The hammock comes complete with a carrying and storage

Take this along on a camping trip, or permanently install it in the back yard. Have 2 trees, they are perfect for creating shade while holding the hammock.  You may even find you get a better siesta type sleep than you do in your own bed.

If you need pillows for the hammock or your own bed, get some comfortable pillows here.

Sleep and read in your own comfortable hammock for about 20 bucks.