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Your Head Will Hit The Pillow After a Nice Evening Hot Tub

Evening is time to relax and wind down the day.  There is no better place to physically relax muscles as well as mentally calm the mind than in your very own hot tub.  The hot, bubbly water will melt away daily stress that has accumulated.  It is also a great time to share some quality time with a loved one or friends, or just spend some quiet time alone.

Hot Tubs for Better Sleep

Just 20 minutes or more in a hot tub will help you achieve a restful sleep. Less waking up in the middle of the night and less tossing and turning.  Hot tubs provide increased blood flow and relieve tension so you are more relaxed before bed.  Spend the last 1/2 hour just reading or meditating or other quiet activity and avoid loud music or even computers and screens.

Set of 2 comfortable pillowsDream Supreme Pillow

Your head will need a soft spot to relax after a hot tub, so getting a good gel fiber-filled pillow will give you the comfort you need.  Each sleeper is different. Some are side-sleepers, others sleep on their back or stomach more often, and still others spin and turn the whole night long.  The latter can be reduced by using your hot tub more frequently.

If you need a good pillow, check out the positive reviews on the Dream Supreme Plus and get 2 pillows for a very low price: Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard (Set of 2)

Are you still using an old, worn pillow?  Oprah got after one of her relatives for not having replaced a gross guest room pillow in years, so getting the 2 pillows is great even if you only need one.

Positive reviews on this pillow include:”firm enough to support me, but soft like air”.  For pillow stackers, try this one by itself for ultimate comfort.