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Moving HydroMassage Hot Tub Wave Loungers and Seats

spa dynamic massage seatsThe next step in hydrotherapy for hot tubs is the moving or dynamic massage.

Basic hotel hot tubs may have just a single jet at any seat and no lounger.  Lower and mid-range portable hot tubs may already include a few jets together and even have a lounger.  Mid-range and higher end hot tubs offer jet clusters and various jet sizes with directional, twirly, double twirly rotating nozzles or other fancy jet inserts.

Large jets include a jumbo jet that swirls or can be centered, a powerful whirlpool jet that creates spinning whirlpool action in the hot tub and even a multi-nozzle jet that can have up to 14 or more jet nozzles coming out of a single large spa jet.

Massage HurricaneTaking massage to the next level is the wave seat or wave lounger.

These dynamic massage seats use a sequencer to provide different programs of jets moving up and down the back. In the case of the wave lounger, a full body dynamic massage is possible.  The wave lounger control has 7 different programs to allow for various massage patterns.

Some basic moving massage jets may just involve a hose that goes up and down for simulated motion, but the digital sequencers built into luxury spas such as the Paradise Ultra and Cozumel Ultra offer dozens of jets that provide the sensation of movement across the back or body.

dynamic massage seatsHot Tub Outpost offers the GT500 which has the sequencer in the lounger for this dynamic massage feature.

The Wave Max seat is a patented seats that stair steps one row at a time up and down the back. The water moves one row at a time from lower back, middle back and upper back, or uses all 4 rows at once by changing the massage pattern program.   The wave lounger offers shoulder jets, lower back jets, euro jets along the legs and calves.

The wave system is controlled by a separate 4 button control panel.

Get the wave and experience a dynamic massage.