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My Hot Tub Has No Power

parts for your hot tubNo power to the spa?  Here are some troubleshooting steps.  If nothing works and the control panel does not work, we need to know if we have power to the spa.

If this is a newly wired spa, when you set the breaker, does it trip right away?  If so, we must ask our electrician how he wired the neutral wire.

The neutral wire going out to the spa should not come from the neutral bar in the GFCI. This can be a common mistake some electricians may make when wiring up a hot tub.

It actually goes on Load Neutral.

Once the electrician gets it fixed there, you should have power to your spa.

Another issue could be that on initial power up, the system fuse may have blown. This 0.3 amp fuse can be replaced by sourcing a replacement fuse from any hardware store.

Then there is the issue of the actual power being out or other upstream issue that is not related to the spa. Your electrician can be sure that the correct voltage is being supplied to the spa.

On an existing installation, it is very rare for the entire power to be out and the spa to be not working at all.

Servicing electrical systems on hot tubs should be done by qualifiedHot Tubs Servicing electrical systems persons only to avoid shock or severe injury.

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