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Out of the Hot Tub and Into the Pool – It’s Almost August, 2014

After a very long winter, most of the nation is now experiencing fine summer weather.  In the south, temps hover around the 100 degree mark and pools are inviting.  It may be time to jump out of the hot tub and into the pool.  Some hot tub owners without pools turn their tubs down, or soak in the evening when the temps are more moderate.

If you are going away for an extended vacation, you can turn the spa temp down to the minimum (usually around 80 degrees) to save on energy.  Although turning the temp up and down on a daily basis is not energy efficient, since the water has to heat back up again to the desired temperature, it becomes more efficient when you are away for several days.

Turning the hot tub off is not a good option, since the water needs to still be circulating in order to keep the water sanitized.  Draining a hot tub and refilling on your return of an extended absence is possible, but be sure to keep the hot tub covered and the cover locked down because if the cover blows off in a strong wind and the spa acrylic is exposed to direct sunlight without water in the spa, then the spa shell could get bubbles in it and be damaged upon your return.

At least in the summer months, there is the option of draining the spa completely, whereas in the winter this is not recommended unless strict winterizing steps are followed.

For now, enjoy the beautiful summer as August is around the corner!