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Spa Frog Mineral Sticks and Dispenser – Hot Tub Water Purification

Hot tub owners have always been seeking out better ways to keep the spa water clean without using additional harsh chemicals.  The known evil in hot tub sanitization is a choice between bromine and chlorine.   When maintaining hot water over many months, you need to maintain adequate sanitizer to keep the water sparkling clean.

Many methods have been devised over the years to purify hot tub water and reduce or eliminate bacteria, but none have been able to replace these two kingpins of hot tub water purification.

Spa Frog Mineral Sticks

Enter the spa frog mineral stick.  These handy little sticks are simply put inside the filter basket area and deliver mineral purification to the spa water.  These mineral sticks can last 3-4 months, so rest easy knowing your spa water is being maintained by the combination of minerals and bromine.

The concept behind using mineral sticks in conjunction with bromine is that you would need less bromine to sanitize the water. (Note: You cannot just rely on the mineral stick alone). But reducing chemical need also reduces any smell. (Note: If the water smells bad, it is usually not the chemicals but the byproducts caused by not using enough bromine – or the water is need of a shock treatment).

Bromine Stick FrogWhy Minerals? 

It is said you can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine needed by about half when using minerals to assist in destroying bacteria in hot tub water. The byproducts of this are clear water, softer skin, easier on equipment and no faded bathing suits!  The mineral sticks are easy to use.

“Mineral water is a disinfectant which means it kills bacteria.”

floating spa frog dispenser

floating spa frog dispenser

Spa Frog Floating System

This new system allows both the bromine and the spa frog to keep your water clean. Double duty to allow less bromine in combination with the minerals of the Spa Frog keeps your water sanitized and clean.

These are replenished at a 4-1 rate, so for every 4 bromine cartridges you replace, you only swap out the Spa Frog mineral cartridge once.

Those bromine cartridges last about 3 weeks, so you don’t have to keep adding tablets.  In this case using bromine is easier than chlorine because bromine lasts longer in hot water.  Those using chlorine in a hot tub tend to use the granular type, but have to add it every few days.

The convenience of just swapping out cartridges and not having to fuss with the filter or other built-in chemical feeder means you spend more time relaxing and less time wondering if your bromine pucks have all completely dissolved.

Note that you will still want to shock your water weekly or even more often if the spa is used a lot.   The replacement cartridge comes with stickers that you can put on your calendar.

Although there are other methods of purifying hot tub water that try to circumvent the full use of bromine or chlorine in hot tubs such as silver-based products or even enzymes, having bromine working together with minerals means you know that bacteria in your spa are kept in check.

Get the 5-pack for your dispenser here: (4 bromine cartridges and 1 mineral  cartridge)

5 pack spa frog replacement cartridges, 4 bromine/ 1 mineral

Or the 12-pack

Bromine cartridge 12 pack replacements for spa frog sanitizer

Nature 2 Mineral Stick

These mineral sticks simply fit in your filter compartment. No need to buy a separate floater.  If you are already dosing bromine in your spa, then simply add these mineral sticks by Nature 2 to your regiment.

Nature2 Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer

Mineral cartridge for spas provides the following benefits:

  • The only EPA-approved no-chlorine or bromine sanitizer system when used with Nature2 Cense
  • Fits inside the filter cartridge for easy installation – no floater required
  • Protect yourself, family, friends and spa from harmful bacteria
  • Reduces need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation and softer skin
  • Combine with Nature2 Cense® for EPA-recognized sanitization