Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Discount Hot Tub Site Spa Sauna Direct Releases Hottub Guide

A new pre-delivery guide has been released to answer your questions from how to hookup the electrical to where to place the spa.

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An electrician is required for the installation of a 230 volt power line (with either a 50 amp or 60 amp breaker).  The bigger spas with 2 jet pumps and a blower will need the 60 amp circuit breaker and the appropriately sized wire.  Wire gauge also depends on how long the run is from the panel to the spa.   Many times a disconnect box with a GFCI will be installed several feet from the spa. This is also convenient for shutting the spa off when draining and refilling it instead of having to run in the house to shut it off at the circuit breaker. When servicing a hot tub it is best to shutoff the breaker AND the power disconnect outside.

Enjoy your new hot tub.