Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Save on Artesian Spa Parts

artesian-packspafiltersArtesian Spas is a highly rated hot tub manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They manufacture the Artesian brand of spas as well as South Seas Spas and the plug and play Garden Spas line. Artesian makes mid-range to deluxe spas. Artesian hot tub lines include Platinum Elite, Island and Island Elite.

While this is a highly rated and reliable hot tub manufacturer, all spas eventually need repairs or replacement parts. Some repairs, like electrical, definitely need require the services of a trained technician. However, many maintenance and repair issues can easily be done by any spa owner. In addition, regular spa and water maintenance is required.

Spa pillows often crack or disintegrate over time – especially as they tend to soak in chemical laden water.  Same goes for the underside of the spa cover – while the top side is exposed to the elements. The spa filter needs to be cleaned every month, and changed every year. Jet inserts can blow out or stop working.

Even some larger spa components will stop working overtime. These components may include the spa pump, blower, heater or topside control panel. An ozone generator will generally work for up to three years. Most equipment can be easily switched out by someone skilled or trained – as long as you have the exact replacement Artesian spa parts.

artesian-artesian-spas-heaterThe correct replacement spa parts can sometimes be difficult to find.  You want to save money but also want to make sure you are getting new, factory approved hot tub parts. You can usually find limited stock at a local spa dealer, or you can order from a large spa parts online retailer, like Hot Tub Outpost. They carry Artesian Spa parts and accessories, as well as chemicals, filters and replacement covers.

As with any spa, some components are made by a different manufacturer. The jets, filters and control panels, for instance, are all made by other manufacturers and built into the Artesian hot tubs. It makes sense when you think of how many components there are to a spa – from the plumbing to the electric to the filtration. Just like a home or car, a spa owner has to anticipate maintenance and repairs in their overall budget. However, they can save significantly on replacement parts by shopping at Hot Tub Outpost – and get free shipping on orders over $95.