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2 Person Indoor Spa Large

Many homeowners install 2 person indoor jetted bathtubs and think they are getting a spa, but there are some big differences between indoor spas and indoor jetted tubs. Some of the main differences are that a jetted tub needs to be filled everytime it is used, so it usually involves 10-15 minutes waiting from the time it is decided to take a bath until the water is ready. Then the water temperature tends to get cooler after about 5-10 minutes, so for a longer soak, some water must be drained and the tub filled again with hot water (assuming there is enough hot water in the main hot water tank).

A 2 person indoor spa actually maintains the water temperature with automatic heating and is covered when not in use. So the 2 person hot tub is always ready and the water is kept disinfected with sanitizer. Every 2-3 months the water can be changed in a 2 person spa, although it would last longer. The hot tub spa is for relaxing, hydrotherapy, unwinding and de-stressing. The bathtub is for cleaning and soaping. Some people have both a large bathtub and a two person spa, but they don’t need jets in the bathtub because for any kind of hydrotherapy, the jetting is usually more refined in a spa, and the seating is deeper too.

A two person spa easily fits through most doors, although some of the models such as the QCA Spas Dream Star, are quite long which translates into roomy comfort, but make sure the spa will fit around corners if trying to get it indoors. Also, as with any 2 person spa, make sure there is adequate ventilation (a fan, windows..) to avoid indoor condensation. A cover protects the spa when not in use.

One more factory to consider is that most jetted tubs do not have automatic cleaning of the lines, so if left unused, bacteria can accumulate in the lines, wheras a hot tub is in regular circulation and filtration mode so the plumbing lines are kept free of accumulating bacteria.

Enjoy your 2 person indoor spa and live large for a small price.

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