Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

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Discount Hot Tub PumpsAnyone who owns a hot tub knows that there is a certain amount of maintenance that goes along with keeping it in proper working order. While regular maintenance and care is helpful, sometimes it’s not enough to keep all components free of problems.

The hot tub pump, for instance, is one of those components that can suffer issues. So what exactly can go wrong with your hot tub’s pump? Well, here are a few common problems:

Poor Water Chemistry – The water in the tub needs to be maintained in order to ensure the pH levels stay within the recommended range of 7.2-7.6. Otherwise, the water may be too acidic or too basic and cause damage to your hot tub equipment. Adding too many chemicals, for instance, can also cause problems for bathers, including irritation to eyes or skin rashes. Adding too few chemicals will make the pump system erode and therefore lead to pump seal leaks.

Hot Tub PumpsClogged Filters or Drains – If the heater isn’t working properly, clogged drains and filters are the common culprit. All water must go through the filter, therefore it needs to be removed and cleaned out on a weekly basis in order to make sure it works at its greatest level of efficiency. It is a good idea to keep a spare filter on hand so you can leave the dirty one soaking in solution overnight while you pop the clean one in.

Burned Out Circuit Board or Motor
– The heater element in the tub can erode if the pH of the water is too low. At some point, the ground fault circuit interrupt breaker trips, causing the tub to malfunction. Some control board issues can be repaired, but serious issues may mean the spa pack needs to be replaced.

Bad Thermostat – The water needs to be warm in order for it to serve its purpose. The thermostat controls the water in the spa. If any part of the thermostat fails, it needs to be replaced.

Hot Tub Spa PumpsPump Seal Leaks – If you discover a small puddle of water around the pump of your hot tub, most likely there is a pump seal leak. In this case, the motor could fail as water seeps into the system.

What Can You Do?

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