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Buy Spa Parts Online

hot tub spa partsWhy buy hot tub parts and accessories online?

Because prices are great due to strong competition in the industry.  Online merchants can get by with lower margins because they don’t have the overhead of a traditional retail store.

This may be to the chagrin of brick and mortar retailers, but Amazon, Sears online, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot online stores are not going away anytime soon.

Did you know that more than half of all retail sales over the holidays happened online?

Customers are realizing that not only are prices great and you can comparison shop, but shipping times are getting faster and faster too with same day shipping on many items.

So you order your spa parts or accessory online and get it in 2 days.

By the time the tub is drained, the UPS driver will roll up in front of the house.

Another great reason to shop online is that you don’t pay retail sales tax except for certain states that have special rules – check with your individual state about self-reporting any unpaid retail sales tax. But for the most part, even the large retailers are advertising: Pay No Tax.

Free shipping is just another reason to buy online.  Why spend hours searching for what you need, wasting gas, polluting the environment unnecessarily and even wasting your own time.

hot tub spa parts onlineWhen you stop to think what your own time is worth, why invest it in the quest for finding a hot tub part? It’s enough of a pain that the tub broke in the first place and is out of warranty. Many online retails post their free shipping threshold amounts. If you come in under the amount, just add a filter, fragrances or chemicals to top up the order and get free shipping on the whole lot. Spa chemicals and filters don’t go bad or have an expiration date, so stock up and save.

So buy online with confidence.  Shop at trusted stores such as and get free shipping.  Get your part fast too and get back to enjoying your hot tub.