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Hot Tub Ozonator-Del-Prozone-Balboa Spa Ozone Generators

Hot Tub Ozonator – Del – Prozone – Balboa Spa Ozone Generators

Ozone generators can help reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain a spa.  The ozone generator injects small amounts of ozone gas into the water via a dedicated ozone jet.  Spas the are “ozone ready” mean they have an ozone jet already plumbed into the spa with tubing attached. The tubing is plugged so water does not leak out if there is no ozonator attached.  This allows the ozone generator to be retrofitted.

Relax in ozone purified spaWhy use a hot tub ozonator?

Ozone is a form of active oxygen that naturally occurs in the atmosphere and it has purifying properties in water.  The hot tub ozonator produces a very small amount of ozone gas which is infused into the spa water, usually during filter cleaning cycles.  Excess ozone converts back into oxygen, but ozone should never be breathed in directly.

Ozone kills bacteria, algae and viruses in hot tub water, so it helps the current sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) do its job.  There are different types of ozonators such as the CD (corona discharge) method which is the most efficient, and the UV (ultraviolet light) method.

Ozone is also more gentle on the body, skin and eyes than excessive use of harsh chemicals and ozone is pH neutral.  Since ozone does a great job at oxidizing and destroying impurities in the water,  the spa water is clearer and cleaner.  The cartridge filter captures these particulates, so you will need to clean the filter regularly to maintain effective spa filtration.

According to Del Ozone :”Ozone purifies water and air very quickly and efficiently – about 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone leaves no by-products except pure oxygen. However,chlorine leaves a chemical by-product called hypochloric acid and additional salts and compounds as well in your spa.”

When using chlorine as a sanitizer along with an ozonator, less chlorine is needed which translates into less chlorine smell as well as lower chemical costs.

Disadvantages of Ozone

The primary disadvantage of ozone to kill bacteria in the water is that it is only effective when it is running.  With a half life of about 20 minutes in water, the bacteria killing ability quickly dwindles when the ozonator turns off.  Most spa electronics turn the ozonator off when the spa is in use, and the pumps are in operation at high speed.  The ozonator also usually only comes on during the programmed filter cycles, so that may only be 2-4 hours every 12 hours.  Although it helps greatly, a sanitizer in the water is still necessary to perform bacteria killing duty when the ozonator is off.

Installation of Ozonator

J&J mini plug ozonatorDel recommends that the ozonator is installed above the water line.  It can be mounted to a metal frame section of the spa.  The “ozone ready” spas already have the tubing in the spa, so the end will be cut off and the popette (check valve) installed with attention to the arrow on the check valve so that ozone flows from the ozonator to the spa.  The cord that comes with the unit should match the type you require.  Usually either a J&J mini connector and cord, or an AMP plug (white 4 pin plug).  Sometimes a larger J&J connector is used or a grey molex type connector. In any case, check your spa pack and get the ozonator with the right cord.

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