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Hot Tub Pumps – Troubleshooting and Spa Pump TIps

Hot tub pumps are the machinery that get the water in the spa moving and create that much-needed hydromassage.  Contrary to popular belief, hot tub manufacturers do not actually manufacture the pumps they use in most spas.  These pumps are components that are sourced by third party manufacturers.  When it comes time to replacing a pump, the exact or similar model can be found online, many times with free shipping.

What Makes Up A Spa Pump?

Spa pumps consist of 2 ends: the motor and the wet end.

The motor is hooked up to the spa electrical system and usually operates at either 120v or 230v.  Some 230v spas may actually use 120v pumps, so be sure to check the label of the existing spa pump for the correct operating voltage when sourcing a new pump.   The motor turns a shaft which in turn spins the impeller located in the wet end of the pump to move water through the spa’s plumbing.   The pump suction end is the end that comes from the filter or other inlet and the pump return or pressure side is where the pump pumps out water into the jets.

The wet end of the pump contains an impeller that rotates and moves water similar to a water wheel.  Each impeller has a HP rating that is matched to the pump in order to avoid straining the pump motor.  There are also pump seals that prevent water from getting into electrical components.

Pump Problems

Pump problems range from noisy pumps, overheating spa pumps, weak flow or no flow.  If the pump is just humming but no water is flowing, there could be an air lock.

Sometimes the pump is not getting power at all, in which case the problem may be the actual power supply or circuit board relay.

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