Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

QCA Spas Hot Tub Maintenance Tips – Getting Started

hot tub chemicalsCongratulations on the purchase of your new QCA Spas hot tub. The QCA Spas owner’s manual that comes with the spa is usually found in a pouch under the spa cabinet. This is located at the same place that the power control pack and often located under the side of the spa with the control panel and walk-in steps. In the pouch you will also find a filter lid and color lenses for the spa light. Spas that come with LED lights do not need the color lenses.

After the power is hooked up and the spa is filled, you will want to establish a reserve of bromine or chlorine depending on which sanitizer you select. If you choose bromine, then fill the chemical dispenser with bromine tablets. Once the spa is up to temperature, test the water and maintain the pH level between 7.2-7.6. A tighter suggests pH range is 7.4-7.6.

This means the water is slightly baser and does not venture into the acidic territory below pH 7.  Acid can cause corrosion of heater elements and other parts, and damage pump seals so it pays to keep an eye on the pH.

To adjust the pH, you will use either pH up or pH down depending on the direction you need to change the pH to.

Test strips help to get a quick view of the sanitizer and pH level in the spa.

Try the Monday-Wednesday-Friday hot tub chemical program through Hot Tub Outpost. Checking on the spa just 3 times a week and making adjustments will keep family and friends happy, safe and healthy.

Most of hot tub care is making sure there is enough sanitizer and that the QCA Spas hot tub chemicalspH is in an acceptable range (7.2-7.6). The filter should be rinsed off every few weeks and completely changed annually. Additional water treatment products are available to make spa care easier. See the Monday Wednesday Friday care program for details on keeping your hot tub water clean.

Change the spa water every 3 months or so for optimum performance.

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