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Tips for Keeping Your Spa Water Clean and Sanitary

QCA Spas hot tub chemicalsYour hot tub requires a lot of regular maintenance. The filter needs to be checked and taken care of, the shell needs to be protected from direct sun, and even the cover needs to be cared for and properly stored when the spa is in use. But aside from the actual spa components, the water also needs to be kept clean and clear. This is essential for enjoyment, protecting your spa equipment and keeping your friends and family safe from any harmful contaminants.

Bacteria and contaminants can make their way into the water, like dirt, grass, body oils, dead skin cells and so forth. These can be detrimental to your health, causing skin rashes, infections and more.  However, the contaminated particles can also cause damage to the tub’s filter, jets, pumps and other expensive equipment. Clogged filters can cause heater failure, flow problems, higher energy bills and so forth. Keeping your tub water clean is essential to prolong the life of your spa and to keep your family safe.

The First Step is Purchasing a Water Test Kit

Your hot tub maintenance regime should begin with a spa water test kit.  Probably the most popular type is the water test strips. Test strips are easy to use and add this to your spa maintenance regimen. This will help you quickly identify the presence of harmful bacteria in your tub’s water, and will identify if the water needs to be treated accordingly. Any overabundance of bacteria can be hazardous, and as such, it needs to be dealt with the proper measures.

The first thing you need to control is the pH levels in the water.  The safe range is between 7.2-7.6.  Anything higher or lower can cause issues with equipment, as excessive acidity or alkalinity can eat away at pillows, plastics and metal parts.  You also need to add a sanitizer – like bromine or chlorine.  Some spas have dispensers built into the filtration system, but there are also handy floaters available where you can add your chemicals and adjust the flow release rate into the water when the spa is not in use.’

An easy way to take care of your spa water is the Monday – Wednesday – Friday system. You can learn all about water maintenance and watch a video on this easy program through this link on Hot Tub Outpost.  You can also get discount test strips, chemicals, filters and mineral sticks for easy home delivery at the Hot Tub Outpost.

Bromine Starter Kit for Hot TubsFilter Maintenance

You need to remove your filter at least once a week and clean it with a garden hose.  The best filter cleaning option is to have a spare filter on hand.  Once a month, switch out the filters and soak the dirty one in a bucket of water with a filter cleaning solution.  The next day, take out the filter, rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose and let it dry for the next time you switch filters.  The filter will go from white to light grey to dark grey as it gets dirtier and more saturated with impurities.  You should discard old, inefficient filters and replace them with new ones once a year.  This will ensure your filter is still trapping the smaller particles and allowing good water flow through the filtration system.

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