Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Spa Pump Overheating or Smells

That is not a good thing.  Some pumps do run hot, but if they are overexerting themselves there could be many reasons for the trouble.

First make sure there is nothing obstructing the plumbing lines.  There could be something stuck in the impeller causing strain on the motor, so remove any

debris.  If any of the suction grates are cracked, replace those too so no debris gets into the pump line.  Also if you operated your spa without the filter,

or debris (or even a bathing suit!) was allowed to enter the plumbing that way, then you will have found your problem.

Another reason water flow may be restricted is if the service valves are not opened all the way.  Sometimes the slice valve type of valves get stuck midway

even if it seems they are open.

If it turns out the problem really is with your spa motor, then you can decide if you want to replace just the motor or the entire pump. Most times replacing

the entire pump may be a better option in the long run, but if the pump is only a couple of years old, you may want to just decide on replacing the motor.

You will need new seals as well.   Before blaming the pump for an overheat condition, be sure it is getting the proper voltage. A bad relay can also be a problem on the circuit board. Note

that on the circuit board there are individual relays for both low and high speeds.   An electrician will use an ammeter to check the current is in line with the pump label specifications.

To replace a complete spa pump, note the information from the bad pump’s label such as operating voltage, amps, frame size (48 or 56 frame), pump speeds (1

or 2) and the pump HP rating so the new wet end will contain a matched impeller.  Also you will want the new wet end orientation to line up with your current

plumbing. Note that most pumps allow the wet end to be rotated in 90 degree increments to match up with existing plumbing so you don’t have to change any of

the plumbing connectors.  Also note if your pump connector is 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch (or sometimes even 2 1/2 inch) so you get the correct wet end.   A spa service tech or electrician can assist with troubleshooting. Always call a pro if a given repair is beyond your comfort zone and ability as serious

injury can result when working with electricity and water.