Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands


8 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Hot tubs are wonderful for hydrotherapy, pain relief and relaxation. However, spa water needs to be maintained to kill bacteria and maintain the water pH levels for safe bathing. Since the water in a hot...
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Best Deal Going on a 2 Person Spa

Short on space or just prefer to keep hot tubbing cozy?  Then you might be in the market for a 2 person spa.  Most smaller models can fit indoors or outdoors, as their depth allows...
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The Single Most Important Key to Spa Water Maintenance

Every hot tub, comes with a filtration system, usually consisting of a to filter cartridge, topside controls, plumbing, jets, a heater, etc..   The topside controls are programmed so filter cycles will run on a schedule,...
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Hot Tub Supplies Online

Nowadays, almost anything is available online. Consumers are changing the way they shop and what they spend time doing. Although it may be fun to go to a Macy’s Sunday sale and browse for hours,...
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