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Buying Hot Tub Tips

Buying a hot tub can be a pleasant experience, or feel like buying a used car depending on which salesperson shadows you once you enter the display area or showroom. Some will stalk you from...
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Hot Tub Foaming Problems Solved

Get rid of foamy hot tub problems by rinsing off bathing suits and avoiding shampoos, lotions and other products before going into the hot tub. Change the filter every year, clean the filter every week...
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Hot Tub Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

Why clean your hot tub filter on a regular basis?  Because it saves money and keeps the spa cleaner. How does it save money?  By assuring the pump seals are not being degraded by debris...
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Fix A Leaky Spa Jet

Hot tub jet leak repair
Much of the challenge of fixing a leaky hot tub jet is finding exactly where the leak is.  In some types of spas, this is easier than in others.  In a spa that allows access...
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